Suddenly made champion?

My fighter strangely became WBC champion without even having a title fight. He wasn’t even number one contender.

Last fight and career history below.

Ok!!! Bizarre…

Did the previous champ vacate the belt??

No. Previous champion is now ranked 60 after defending the belt successfully in his last fight. My fighter went from being ranked 22 to champion without a title fight.

Bribery? My fighter says “no comment”.

It would help hugely if you could send a screenshot of the previous champ’s career record. Sounds like he vacated and it went (weirdly) to your guy…

Looking at the code and we think we can see what happened here. Weird set of circumstances but it somehow ended up as your guy (despite being #22) being next guy in the list. Weird but can see how that can have happened now the code is in front of us. Never seen that before.

Need to get the vacant title for world belts sorted.

Thanks for your help and hope you’re enjoying the game.

Nice one. Thanks. That confirms it.

So actually not a bug but just a very shit way for the game to resolve the title vacation!!!

Well done sir :slight_smile: