Suggestion for updates

I’m a real boxers

#1 training camp should only be 8 weeks 10 at the most. I be ready to quit waiting 17 weeks to defend my title.

#2 there should be mandatory when defending your belt at least the top 5 you can pick from.

#3 there should be 4 round fights for beginners probably like 5 four round then 6 rounds then 8 then 10 12 for belts

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Champions don’t defend titles every 2 1/2 months

That still doesn’t mean they have a 17 week training camp before their fights, so I see his point.

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When game first came out there wasn’t training camps. You were just booking fights. So as games has evolved training camps been put in.


You get it the average training camp is 8-10 weeks

We agree with your points 100pc.

Training camp is having a MAJOR review.
Scheduling of fights is having a review this week.
Ditto fight rounds for novices.

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And y’all should start out like go from prospect to contender to champion