Suggestion on XP

I think it would be good if we could see how much XP each fight is worth when choosing your next opponent

Ok.that’s fair enough although that’s not to say we will;)

To that we would ask (because we want to use it but haven’t…) what Manager XP could be used for in yours and others opinion?:slight_smile:

ie managers have to get sufficient managerial XP to open new gyms etc…

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That’s a very good idea, needing certain XP before unlocking different tiers of fighters and new gyms, level of gym etc. I’d welcome it.
I would just also love to be able to see what XP each opponent is worth for my fighter as well as the purse and win percentage. I can sometimes have 5 fights with one fighter and gain hardly any XP or have 1 fight with the same fighter and get a substantial amount.
Another thing (going a little off topic here) is we should have a better fighter selection in places other than USA, especially UK. The talent in USA is far better than other Countries

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