Super Middleweight Clash!

Who comes out on top in this super middleweight clash? My young undefeated superstar Joel Dubois or the current champion Alex Figueroa?

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I think Dubois stops him round 9. That takes punishment as 6 is very worrying for me.

Dubois late for us.

Love these posts.

Going to be loads more of these we think when the next update comes with Ai fighter weight changes.

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Sadly he couldn’t get it done. He’s only 23 years old so I’m sure there with be a rematch between the two fighters in the near future

Close fight, should adjust and win the eventual rematch! Very unlucky mate

Not the rematch we wanted but allow me to introduce you to the new IBF Super Middleweight Champion…

Sorry for the spam! However the rematch happened!! This time they both came into the fight holding belts….this is how the fight ended


Nice!! Brilliant to win the belts and head into the rematch as champion!

It’s not spam. These tales are great.
We all have them but they feel so real.

One thing we are keen to experiment with giving players the option to start from the same (game generated) game world. Ie we add a scenario with that contains the same pre-generated game world and fighters in each. Would be interesting to see in those situations what people did with potentially the same fighters.

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Hell yea I can continue rivalries at other classes

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