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See fights like this take the excitement and realistic out of the game and it makes me lose interest I’m not understanding how or why I lost this fight or any fight like this both fighters are 33 years old my fighter title fight record is 23-2 the other fighter is 5-1 my fighter intelligence is 20 the other fighter is 19 it’s clear that I have better and more experienced fighter some should be checked or updated cuz it’s not the first time this happened I had fights with mostly 20’s and lose to F level fighters
PS going into the fight my fighter take punishment was 18

Not sure of the point you’re making here to be honest.

This is a very close fight given that both fighters have Ring Generalship of 20 (!!!), comparable Punch Accuracy and Defence ratings and chins of stone. Whilst the manual is a bit old there is a good section on what each attribute does.

Totally realistic fight outcome I’d say. :slight_smile:

Equally there is no way that this is an F level fighter unless F is the new A.

Also and this is very important here. Your guy is a VERY OLD FIGHTER in terms of fights and the other guy isn’t. This matters. :slight_smile:



Imagine a boxing game with no upsets. How boring. Always amazes me how upset some get when the game doesn’t go their way.

And to be fair, this is a pretty even match up. The other guy had great ring gen, power and accuracy. That combo can win any fight, like it would in real life.


This is just such a close fight on paper the only question for us is why make the fight in the first place?!?! :slight_smile:


For me? I’d make the fight to rack up on the number of former champions my fighter has beaten. Lol I don’t understand this guy’s point either. It’s literally boxing. We seen buster Douglas beat Tyson lol. And plus the guy he chose to fight doesn’t have the same amount of wear and tear (looking at the number of fights between the two).

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Did you tie him up/smother inside for most of the fight?

9 times out of 10 your guy probably wins this one, unfortunately you’ve just got unlucky. Going to the body early doors and pressuring late on would be my game plan here.

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I usually don’t mess with that cause it cost my the fight

It’s clear y’all don’t kno boxing Tyson didn’t train for Douglas. And my point is my fighter have more experience more fights that my opponent and still lost. Yea on paper they match up but that’s on paper

My point is your boxer has more wear and tear also. That’s a real thing in boxing by the way.