Taylor Vs Serrano?

Anyone watch this one? Quite an eventful fight.

Taylor took some punishment. I’m hoping she retires. Her defense was terrible.

I think Savanna Marshall and Clarissa Shields will be a good fight - Savanna can really punch.

Yeah, was a good fight. Wouldn’t normally stay up for a woman’s fight but was interested in Smith v Vargas anyway.

One thing I hate these days is any close fight is called a robbery online by people who support the other boxer and don’t really understand boxing. A split decision in such a close fight is miles from a robbery. People really are influenced by biased commentary.

They certainly are.

Amazing if slightly weird fight. Very enjoyable and again can only think how much better women’s boxing would be with three minute rounds and 12 round title fights. That one wouldn’t have gotten to the 8th with an extra minute…

Smith Vs Vargas wasn’t bad either. I thought Smith was really impressive.

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Aye, again I thought the commentary were a bit disrespectful in the early rounds. Calling him basic etc. hard bastard, who still has plenty in the tank.