TestFlight update

We are currently running tests for anyone who is still experiencing difficulties because of the issue with version 1.08.00.

This update can be used by any player but contains at present just bug fixes and bug tracing updates. Please feel free to use and this will help us all round.

Not appearing on TF for me

you need to use the link above. thanks.

I just used the link and it says build removed

It seems to do this and then refresh itself. Keep trying, swiping off TestFlight might help…

Fixed it now! Thanks. I had to delete the app from testflight, and once the app was deleted from testflight, i used the link to re install and it works now!

Whenever I press amateur it crashes

hey can you get a video either sent to me or ironmike thanks so we can look into it

When you press it just let it stay like that for 30 secs or so in this instance and it will work.

Is the above link still working? Comes up as not found for me

There is no beta currently available.

We will be putting something up soon.

Whenever you announce the next beta can I get a new code I just stop testing on TestFlight as it wasn’t letting me join the last few. Would appreciate it man :+1:t2: