Thanks! This place has grown


Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who posts and uses the forum/community.

It’s amazingly less than a year since we launched it and wish we had done so years earlier such is its usefulness and seemingly popularity.

Yesterday saw the largest number of posts ever but more importantly large numbers of players logged in.

We have loads of cool game stuff to come in a few weeks and then probably even better stuff scheduled throughout the year.

Thanks to everyone here for their support in making, what we hope is becoming, one of the best boxing games.


I had been lurking a while now before finally making an account, definitely don’t regret it! Thanks for having us and for making the game great!


That’s very kind. Thank you!
It’s a cool game and we hope it gets even cooler still over the next few updates.
As big a change to the game as we have seen in past eight months!

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Really looking forward to the fight predictor app. Also really wonder how it works - as it looks really interesting as I have played boxing manager for a while but I haven’t come across the fight predictor app.

ha! Not sure we’ll get that out formally any time soon as we’re snowed under with stuff for the year but might put it up on beta or something soonish…