The Amateur Update so far

Hi guys, my first ever post on here so after being a user of this game for many years now I thought it was about damn time to make a account after just viewing a lot of the threads as a guest.

Firstly, compared to where this game was years ago, it’s absolutely fantastic right now. Without further ado I’ll get into what the point of this thread was.

So I deleted my old save once I saw Amateurs was added, assuming I got put into the beta so I take it this is still a beta version but here’s my two cents.

Brilliant aspect. I like the whole Junior worlds, worlds and Olympics idea. However, I think maybe have some amateur fights behind the scenes so you can see if your fighters are going in good form going into tournaments, it’s a little bit unrealistic to have the majority of these fighters turning pro with just 10-20 amateur fights.

Would be nice to see some Lomachenko come through with 396-1 amateur records! That being said I’m noticing a lot of very very awful amateurs winning the tournaments and the guys who have unbelievable stats being 1st rounded, very unrealistic results on my save at the minute.

The dates are very long between tournaments but obviously that is the case in real life, but it just doesn’t make sense for them to all sit round for 100+ weeks not really doing anything, gives us no reason to keep checking on them so having them just do amateur fights in the background would be great, not necessarily giving us news updates and such but just simulating some fights with similar ranked guys with similar records.

Maybe to help this concept add in National rankings as a way to qualify for worlds and such and the national rankings can be the way their non tournament fights can be simulated, a little 1. 2. 3. Next to the countries top rated prospects based on their non tournament fights.

Again though, brilliant idea whoever came up with it I’m not sure if this is where I’m meant to post but I’ve got a couple more posts about some ideas, if they are in the wrong place please move them. Thanks guys and keep up the good work with this beautiful game.


Thanks for the comments.

There’s again as with all your posts some very sound and helpful comments.

Would have to agree with most of the aspects of it. As you say the game as a whole as come on a very long way since we first started (an incredible amount in fact). Thus we imagine amateurs developing from here. Idea being we build a solid basis for the idea in the game world as we have done and then iterate from there. National titles/more fights has to be next but not at the expense of overall game performance. We also need to see how the amateurs come through into everyone’s games over time. We have simulated many 1000s of years to test this but it’s a big game change. Until now all new fighters were random at point of turning pro. Now there is this extra long game step so we’re watching how that evolves before turning those thoughts into features.

Next up though so really big new things…

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Loving the addition of amateurs this game just doesn’t stop improving. Just the one issue of the results being random as mentioned above, im sure it’ll get sorted in no time. Once the best amateurs start racking up medals it’s gonna be fun tracking their careers.

The American lost. Seems to be the way every amateur tournament at the minute, the most unreal amateurs losing to bums

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