The craziest name I found in game

Talking about bad names…

Look at my upcoming opponent’s name.

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Yo, they have to get better with some of these names. LOL

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Personally we think the names are fantastic. All based on real active fighters….


I know it’s random - Little Negro might have to make the blacklist. :joy::joy::joy:

Yes agreed.

We will deal with that.

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I don’t think that one was game generated

I’m thinking it must be. As you can’t fight stable mates. Unless it’s someone that left. But it’s a possible name.

Ahh I assumed as he said look at my opponents name the main profile was the opponent meaning his fighter was the one showing as next fight

Maybe I was being too judgemental given his track record haha

I hear you man. I’ve had similar name pop up though so will give benefit of doubt.

My track record? Curry Curry isn’t racist even if the guy is Indian. I know I could have called him something else but I had just ate Curry chicken. Not to mention I’m in a loving relationship with an Indian woman.

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Accept my humble apology, it was just a joke referencing that and I did say I was being too judgmental


I wouldn’t want to label anyone anything I’m sorry

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It’s alright I’m not offended, I just reacted to defend my honor. It’s easy to not know someone and still have an opinion online. Welcome to the 21st century guys.


Next update to game needs to have online so we can put out stables against each other’s. We can settle this debate like men in the ring. :joy::joy::joy:


We have updated the names so that not appear from the next but one update.

It’s good everyone has stayed mellow :slight_smile: Thanks for that.


Haha funny I was thinking the same thing.


I bet you were biting your tongue. Were you tempted to jump in with your anti English antics, unicorn boy. Haha.

Nah I just leave my anti English chat for your good self fella :sunglasses:

Haha. Am like Carl froch. Granite chin, it just bounces off me. Haha.

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