The loss of 2 chin stat points for a knockout loss

Is this too harsh? I ponder this every time I have a star knocked out. It’s one of the most ruthless elements of the game. Just 2 knockouts can render a great fighter pretty much useless. I think I would prefer it if it was just one stat point loss per knockout.

Whats others thoughts on this?


Hmmm, never realised this…Maybe some programming wizardry could be done. As a one off ’ flash’ KO shouldn’t, in my eyes, result in the loss of any stats. Yet when a fighter starts to take a lot of punishment but the fights go to points, then maybe have one point removed

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Yeah, you lose 2 chin points. So 2 knockouts could drop you from 15 chin to 11.

I don’t know, there should be risk in the game. Perhaps im being a little bitch :joy::joy:. But was interested in others opinions on this.

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I think it should vary from fighter to fighter just like real life some people can take a punch differently

Yeah I like that idea. Not sure how they would decide how each boxer is affected though.

Pure random based I reckon don’t know how they go bout doing that but how it should be

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I agree I think two points is a bit harsh maybe if it’s an older fighter and they get knocked out then take two points off but for a young fighter I think it should just be the one point off


100% so. Take it on the chin, so to speak. The guy got KOed with the higher chin rating. So lower it :wink: Makes sense to us.

Haha we all have our moments. Still think it’s over harsh though. But your game your rules my man :joy:

I think it would be better if it was related to the round.

E.g. A first round knockout loses more, a tenth round knockout you lose nothing.

I’d think the opposite tbh. We’ve all seen fighters get ‘caught cold’ and KO’d early on, and come back and have a career with an iron chin. But if a fighter is taking punishment for 10 rounds then get’s KO’d, to me that would have a greater effect on his chin rating. Maybe it should be linked to punishment taken?


It might be harsh which is why (and hey the game belongs as much to its players now, we just code) that we love the forum for this type of thing.

We will look at the suggestions and make it more subtle and not so predictable.

Excellent! That’s a nice alternative. Something like a scale and some randomness is the way forward.

Thanks :wink:

Or both and a bit of randomness for good measure.

Have to be honest, it’s not something that really bothers me all that much. It is what it is. Just thought it would create a good wee discussion on the forum :wink:

It bothers us :wink:

This is our life.
Little else concerns us and any game discussion is religious level debate hence living on this forum :slight_smile:

We’re going to try a few things for the next round of beta versions.

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Well what I mean, is Iv always thought it was overly harsh. But I also like a difficult game, so always thought it’s just how it is. But yeah it feels a little cheap, a great boxer losing 2 points for a flash knockout.

I think it’s ok how it is. If they are young and put training on chin you can regain lost points. Also you get quite a extra potential points through out career so can use them to slowly improve chin after a k.o

That’s a fair point as well.
For us we like variability and some randomness in these things which is why @TartanTornado 's post made us sit up.
We are taking a look at this and will add a bit of randomness in there as hate rules such as that.

Current plan over coffee etc is to create a new Punishment Taken value at end of a fight for both fighters and deduct or not in a more variable way from there :slight_smile:

That’s much better and much more fun.

Love this idea. Was never suggesting the removal of points totally. Just felt cheap at times. Don’t think anyone can complain if points were removed after your boxer has received a proper doo-ing (not sure if that’s just a Scottish term lol).

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