The worst undisputed heavyweight champ ever

Iv some how managed to win the big one with this guy. Iv basically had to match this guy up like he is Tank Davis his whole career. Setting him up against tomato cans while I worked his Ring Gen up from 12 to 15. He does have great power but yeah, he is crap. The champ he beat is posted as well.

Feel free to post your crap champs too.

Crap champions is a good topic.
I love how you can get eras like the early 80s heavyweights where the champions are usually a notch below the best :slight_smile:

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Needless to say this guy lost his first defence. He is the James Buster Douglas of my game world :sunglasses:

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Or even Michael Bentt…
Beating Tommy Morrison, losing first defence to Herbie Hide. They were the days…

Yeah I remember him. Was a huge deal back then for UK heavyweights to be competing at the top. Take it for granted now.

He’ has kinda like Gerald Washington or Dominic breazeale type stats, don’t you think?


At best we’d say. Maybe not quite…