Thinking of restarting

I’m thinking of restarting my game any tips so I can make the most out of my fighter ?

Ok the first tip is basically a cheat… but I assume most people do it anyway. Keep starting over until you get at least one good boxer you are happy with.

Only other tip is being careful with your finances at the beginning. When I start off I upgrade my gym to 4 boxers, and then leave upgrading until I have at least 800k or so in the bank. This is in case you get offered a good pro. But be careful, as you may not be able to afford his fight fees. You will likely lose money per fight with new boxers, which can bankrupt you at the beginning of the game.

This is assuming your playing the harder mode. I also don’t bet so that could change things for you if you do.

On the topic of tips we have been toying with some you tube stuff showing how we play the game.

Not sure people would find it interesting let alone entertaining but if we get more interest then we may well put something out…

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Can’t hurt I would say. Anything that promotes the game has to be a good thing.