This is when I get kind of bored

Wondering how many others get this happening.

So I’m getting to the tail end of my first boxers careers. Most of my gym is champions or contenders. It should be the glory days, but this is when I start to get bored (and normally start a new game).

Ways I think this could be helped:

The retire a boxer feature: retire undefeated instead of grinding out fights until they lose. This ties in with the next suggestion.

Promotion hall of fame: Listing all champions and perhaps a promotion pfp list.

Boxer honours page: I think this is crucial. Imagine football manager without a teams honours list. A big problem is multiple weight champs honours get somewhat lost.

Youth: bring through your own amateurs instead of buying them.

Most of these have been mentioned numerous times before, but I think these in particular would help with the longevity of the game.


As ever thanks for the suggestions.

We hope to drop one or two of these items in the next version or so :slight_smile:

One thing that we’re interested in is the idea of the Promotion as opposed to that of the “Stable” as we currently have it. As we have been developing the Fight Shows module we have had to move more to the idea of the Promotion as a whole rather than the more old school idea of the stable of fighters.

We will be changing this emphasis at some point and feels like this should be sooner rather than later :wink:


This is out in today’s beta.

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With regard to this. We are testing ways to try to suggest (without it being lame) a retirement feature but one thing we are tweaking is the current fighter retirement routine.

This was (last) changed when we launched first BM (nearly two years ago now) and where title losses in particular where down weighted. We think increasing the significance on title losses again will start to see less of these old champs who hang around too long.

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100% agree with all of that. Sometimes I do a restart soon as I get my 1st undisputed champ.
It’s a weird one cos I don’t get bored of the actual game, just bored of the save. I think now there’s more records it will keep me interested.
I really like the idea of youths in your promotion.
Are we pushing for a amateur belt then got to olympics? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy:


I have no idea if this is possible, but would also be great to keep records of boxers from past saves somehow in a personal HOF

Bought the expansion pack and started a new full game, but sad to see my previous undisputed champs disappear into the ether (albeit I already can’t remember one of their surnames!)

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Honours page is a superb addition. Looks great. It’s not quite working properly at the moment however, as it’s missing some previous weight belts for some of my guys.

Nice touch adding regional medals to the career record screen as well.

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I was thinking more along the lines of youths coming through once a year like they do on football manager. But having actual amateur fights is an interesting idea.

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Can you PM us a screenshot of the error if possible?

Flyweights? If so then we have fixed that one. :slight_smile:

Ah sorry mate, iv since started a new game. But he was a 4 weight champion and the honours page only showed 2 weights (he was WW to SM). Will keep an eye on it on this play through and let you know of any anomalies.

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Just a thought. Once a good few years go past I think that more than one HOF inductee is appropriate. Make it a proper event.

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that’s a good shout.

We like the easy ones :wink:

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Iv played longer in this current game than I normally do, so 3 of my starting boxers have retired. Just got me thinking there must be a huge backlog of retired fighters at that stage of the game.

Iv kept it at strictly under 10 fighters over 2 gyms (and only UK boxers). This seems to keep my interest from waning.

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There is are a phenomenal number of retirees and fights sat in the game unviewed. We love that the record is complete, it takes up storage (not that much) and has zero impact on game speed… (thankfully)

Yeah it’s awesome the stats stay there and don’t disappear.

Re hall of fame, what if the month prior to the induction you saw a list of nominees. Then the next month you get the inductees (3 or 4 for example. This is the kind of think I would look forward to each year.

I’m even tempted to say give the player a vote. Highly unrealistic (it’s just press irl I’m sure eh), so not sure your thoughts on that.

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