This isn’t going to be a popular thread

This is not going to be popular with a lot of players, but I think this current beta version either fighters growth or there potential points need taming a bit. Getting lots of fighters who have lots of greens and then 18 potential growth points. I vaguely remember I.m mentioning sumat got tweaked in fighters potential?

Mmm, I’m not really experiencing that in my current game. I have a few great boxers but nothing out of the ordinary. I’m at week 530 and only have 2 champions at the moment. Iv not even signed anyone for a cpl of years as not getting offered all that good newbies.

Just sounds to me like you have one of those lucky games going on. Iv had games like that in the past when your just loaded with great boxers.

It could be. This restart I did, On the very first attempt I got lucky with a hw. I had a look through career flicking through news feed and it was week 150 before I signed 2nd fighter. My hw was undisputed champion by then. :joy: been a weird game. Done 225 fights now and still not lost.
Bit of luck I might get a fl this game.

I mentioned a fly weight then what happens?Everything is just going far too good for me. :joy:

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I think your current game is broken :joy:. I’m 321-23-0 which is decent but I think Iv only had about 5 champions in this game world. I’m loaded as have a heavyweight with 28 title wins, but just no great youngsters are coming through. Certainly not all green, miles from it. If anything I thought it had been nerfed :joy::joy:

Same here, I got lucky with a HW to start with and didn’t have to sign anyone else for a good year and a half

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Controversial opinion but I think the game is actually better when you don’t get a great heavyweight to start off with. With only a cpl of defences of a title you can pretty much fully upgrade your gym. The grind is a lot slower with lesser weight group champions.

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I think the game is miles better when it’s just really hard. Like you’ve started doing this in real life. :slight_smile:

To Tony’s point there should be no change in the attributes from this version. There is however a change to make Potential in new fighters a little higher. As ever we do this from huge swathes of data and we will go back and see if that small change is having a big effect.

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Totally agree. Well to an extent. I didn’t like when you could go bankrupt without spending anything :joy:. But I prefer a slow game, with lesser weight champions early on so you can slowly build your gym.

I have found that when I go to upgrade my fighters, it costs more than one potential point. Is that right?

Yes different attributes cost different amount of points. Ring Gen is 3. Power, Accuracy etc is 2. Lesser ones are 1.

I tend to leave the ones needing only 1 point to upgrade til last (punishment, on the canvas etc). As you kind of get a rolling 1 point to add once you have used up your points.

100% agree with you. Problem with hw is that you become champ in 15 fights and not much to do after. If you get lw or mw you can go up weights and keep it interesting. This save am going to try hold a belt at every weight then probably do a restart.

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That’s what I was getting at but probably fight explain it properly. I keep getting fighters whose rating are up there with best in there division and then they have 18 growth points.
I sound like a right moaning bitch complaining my fighters are too good. :joy: