This was my first ever multi title fight, ✌🏼️🔥


Hope this upload works, struggled to meet conditions with format and size so ive had to hope for the best with GIF

Was my first ever multi belt offer so was never turning down the fight, was slightly concerned given he had the style match up bonus so a fair bit of forethought went into my approach to the fight. I basically came to the conclusion that I had to try use his reach advantage against him therefore I committed to an early body few round then rotate to natural based on not being a natural inside fighter and an outside instruction against a reach advantage wouldn’t be a smart move but I was shocked at just much it paid off lol, gave him a right schooling number 1 pvp rankings from gate £££, just need the wbo to try for an undisputed attempt

I hope this upload works I never wanted to use gif format but struggled to meet requirements for size and format


Update, now undisputed lightweight champ ooooshhhhh

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Fighter of the year :medal_sports::medal_military::trophy:

I jumped up in weight as wasn’t getting offers, took all belts in weight above still unbeaten