This Week's Fight Picks (March 16-23)

Doing a big post for all of these events, as I’m going on a trip next week and might not be able to post my predictions for the non-weekend fights due to it. So, there’s a lot to cover in one shot, and despite my sub-par record this year (33-10 on boxing, 5-6 on UFC), I’m hoping to turn things around this week lol.

Thursday’s ESPN+ “Card”

Honestly, this card sucks. The main event is mid and the undercard is uninteresting to say the least. The only reason I may watch this is because I’m an ESPN+ subscriber, otherwise I wouldn’t go through the trouble. This is also on Fite.TV, and the card starts at 3pm EST for those of you who’re interested.

Jean Pascal vs Michael Eifert for the IBF Light-Heavyweight Title Eliminator (12 rounds): Pascal is the known fighter of the two, but at 40 years old and coming off of a fairly recent PED scandal, who knows if the Pascal of old will be what we see in the ring this time around. If it is, then I’d expect to see his big power and impressive footwork on full display, as the footwork in particular will most likely frustrate the relatively inexperienced and young Eifert. If the fight ends via stoppage, than it’ll be Pascal who wins it. Still, I wouldn’t wholly count out Eifert in this bout, even if prime Jean Pascal stands across from him in the ring. Eifert has shown some explosiveness and a great range of shots in what little I’ve seen from him, and while he doesn’t seem to possess the power needed to rattle the veteran Pascal, he may have the volume and the gas tank to take the fight to the veteran and win rounds. That’ll be how he has to win this fight: maybe withstand a few early onslaughts, but win rounds with pressure and accuracy. He would do well to avoid any major exchanges with Pascal, as he doesn’t have the power needed to win more than a few of those, and his chin is untested against this level of opposition, whereas Pascal’s chin is quite good if he’s still got it. Pascal’s age makes this an interesting bout to predict, as you never know if a 40 year old fighter will be as good as he used to be until he steps into the ring. Still, I think if Pascal still has it, he should take this bout.
Official Prediction: Jean Pascal via KO/TKO 9

Saturday’s ProBoxTV card
No quotations surrounding the card on this one. ProBox secured the distribution rights to this card earlier this week, and there’s three very intriguing matchups that I think the boxing world should pay attention too, along with a solid undercard. I don’t know if ProBox will be putting this card on their YouTube, as they do with the cards that they put together, but either way you should watch this one. The main card is set to start at 10 am EST, with main event ring walks apparently set for roughly 1 pm EST.

Jarrell Miller vs Lucas Browne (10 rounds, Heavyweight): The Fake Big Baby Jarrell Miller looks to remain undefeated against tough veteran Lucas Browne in what should be called the PED Bowl of something stupid like that. Both Miller and Browne have popped their fair share of illegal substances, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that both are really one win away from being back into the ranking conversation. Browne had looked like absolute sh!t in his previous two fights before shocking Junior Fa in a round, but I just don’t think he’s got it anymore, especially without the roids. Miller is far from an A-level heavyweight, and probably gets his teeth knocked in by any respectable name in the division right now. But, he’s not fighting any respectable name in the division, so he’ll have what it takes to look real good in this one. Who knows? Maybe AJ will fight him next, and Eddie Hearn can pretend he’s dangerous.
Official Prediction: Jarrell Miller vis KO/TKO 3

Jono Carroll vs Miguel Marriaga (10 rounds, Featherweight): Here’s an interesting matchup, and without the overarching theme of drugs. I really like both of these fighters. Carroll, who’s last opponent came in a super close and entertaining bout against now-champ Maxi Hughes, where Hughes squeaked out a close but unanimous decision. Since then, Carroll has won 5 straight against no fighters of note and is looking for a name to build a comeback on. Marriaga is perfect for that. ‘The Scorpion’ Marriaga has been on a steep decline, losing badly in his last two fights and at 36 probably isn’t getting any better. In his prime, this is a really good fight. But this fight feels like a retirement payday for Marriaga, and I hope he has enough in the tank to give Carroll some trouble, even if it doesn’t last.
Official Prediction: Jono Carroll via Unanimous Decision.

Soslan Asbarov vs Brandon Glanton (10 rounds, Cruiserweight): Glanton is a really talented fighter at Cruiserweight, only losing to David Light in a somewhat controversial split decision in his last outing. I think Glanton has the experience and ability needed to beat Asbarov, whom I know nothing about but he has 3 fights, all in the local Russian circuit, and a less-than-stellar amateur career (according to BoxRec). Still, he’s getting this shot for a reason, so maybe he’s better than I know. But, I’m going for the guy who I’m familiar with.
Official Prediction: Brandon Glanton via Unanimous Decision.

Rest of the card (that’s interesting):
Hasibullah Ahmadi vs Dana Coolwell: Ahmadi
Abdul Khan vs Jaskaran Singh: Khan

Saturday’s UK DAZN card
This card feels like a prospect showcase of sorts, which is cool. I’m not going to go in-depth with these predictions, as they’re prospects meant to win their fights. But I want to bring attention to this card, as there are good young fighters on it. The card will start at 3 pm EST with main-event ring walks around 6 pm EST.

Cyrus Pattinson vs Chris Jenkins: Pattinson via KO/TKO round 7
Hopey Price vs Thomas Masson: Price via Unanimous Decision
Solomon Dacres vs Robert Ismay: Dacres via KO/TKO round 2
Pat McCormack vs Dario Socci: McCormack vis Unanimous Decision
Calum French vs Jordan Ellison: French via Unanimous Decision
Muhammed Ali vs Sean Jackson: Ali via KO/TKO round 2

Saturday’s US DAZN card
An odd week for DAZN boxing where two intriguing cards have landed on the same week. Where the UK card has depth in terms of intrigue (nearly every fight is an interesting prospect), the US card certainly has the top-end star power, and thus will more than likely be the more viewed event. 3 fun fights on this card, definitely the one to watch if you have to choose between any of the weekend boxing cards. The event will start at 8pm EST with an 11pm approximate time for the main event. Late, but worth it.

Gilberto Ramirez vs Gabriel Rosado (12 rounds, Light Heavyweight): I love Gabe Rosado, but he’s getting killed in this one. Ramirez has been a cherrypick machine throughout his career, and after getting exposed for a fraudulent A-lister at 175, Hearn decided to blow up Rosado from 168 to give Ramirez a “tough challenge” for his rebound fight. Yeah, ok Eddie. Obviously, Rosado is a no-hoper in this one, but gets a solid payday as the main event B-side to walk away from the sport with.
Official Prediction: Ramirez via KO/TKO round 10

The rest of the card (that’s interesting)
Joseph Diaz vs Mercito Gesta: Diaz via KO/TKO round 9
Oscar Duarte Jurado vs Alex Martin: Jurado via Close Unanimous Decision (might be fight of the weekend)
Eric Tudor vs Damoni Cato-Cain: Tudor via KO/TKO round 7

Wednesday’s ProBox card
Like the UK DAZN card, this is a prospect-based card, meant really to show off the young talent on the ProBox roster. But, unlike the DAZN card, this card has a main event between two tough SOBs with good records and a potential step-up fight into the rankings waiting for them with a win. Should be a fun evening of fights. This card will definitely be on the ProBox YouTube for free, and it’ll start at 8pm EST.

Mohamed Soumaoro vs Angel Vazquez Lupercio: Vazquez Lupercio via close Unanimous Decision (maybe the best matchup of any boxing match on this post)
Andrey Mangushev vs Kozimbek Mardonov: Mangushev via KO/TKO round 3
Dominic Valle vs Carlos Rosado: Valle via KO/TKO round 4
Lorenzo Medina vs Milton Nunez: Medina via KO/TKO round 1
The other fighters I haven’t seen, as they’re new to the ProBox roster or not affiliated with ProBox. I won’t predict them as I’ve never seen them before.

Thursday (23rd) ESPN+ card
Not a great undercard, but it features the highly-controversial Simon Kean and some good ladies fights. You come for the main event, though, and boy should it deliver. Two 168ers just outside of title contention duking it out for a shot at maybe being Canelo’s next opponent. Both are legit killers with a real claim at a title shot, should be a fun one The card will start at 8 pm EST.

Christian Mbilli vs Carlos Gongora (10 rounds, Super Middleweight): What a fight this one should be. Both guys should be very hungry entering the ring, as a legit chance at a title shot is on the line. Mbilli is the favorite entering the fight, and for good reason. He’s young, undefeated, and powerful. Mbilli has smashed his way through local level competition and hasn’t looked challenged throughout his ascension up the ladder there. Now, he get’s his first “real test,” and he’s looked more than ready for it. Across from him is the always-tough Carlos Gongora, a personal favorite of mine at 168. He’s probably known best for upsetting Ali Akhmedov, a young, undefeated killer who at the time was thought to be next-man-up at 168. Sound familiar? This is a third chance to play upset for Gongora, who just barely failed to repeat his success in the Akhmedov fight against Lerrone Richards, where he lost a very close Split Decision. Gongora is 6 years older than Mbilli, and does not possess the killer power that he does. But, Gongora is a far smarter fighter and has the pedigree and heart needed, in my opinion, to at least frustrate and challenge the young fighter, if not enough to outright beat him. This should be a very entertaining fight, and I foresee a close and potentially controversial decision at the end of it. But for my money, I’m taking the experience.
Official Prediction: Carlos Gongora via close Unanimous Decision.

the rest of the card (that’s interesting)
Simon Kean vs Eric Molina: Kean via KO/TKO round4
Luis Santana vs Francisco Martinez: Santana via Unanimous Decision

UFC 286: Edwards vs Usman 3
This is the pinnacle of events this weekend, and only fitting to be the last one that I cover on this post. Intriguing fights throughout the card, both in the prelims and the main card, and a main event that all fight fans should find intriguing. This fight card will take place on ESPN+ up until the main event, which will be a PPV. The early prelims for this event will start at 1pm EST, with a 3pm start for the regular Prelims, and a 5pm start for the main card. I won’t go too far into the event, as I’ve put way too much time into writing this post already, but damn if this ain’t the best card top-to-bottom that we’ve seen all year. I won’t predict every fight, just the one’s that I have knowledge on at least one of the fighters. Every fight seems good, based on what I’ve read/heard of the fighters which I haven’t watched myself.

Main Card

Leon Edwards vs Kamaru Usman 3: Usman via Decision
Justin Gaethje vs Rafael Fiziev: Gaethje via KO/TKO
Gunnar Nelson vs Bryan Barbarena: Nelson via Submission
Jennifer Maia vs Casey O’Neill: O’Neill via Decision
Marvin Vettori vs Roman Dolidze: Vettori via KO/TKO


Jack Shore vs Makwan Amirkhani: Shore
Sam Patterson vs Yanal Ashmoz: Patterson
Muhammad Mokaev vs Rafael Filho: Mokaev

If I had to choose, I’d prioritize watching these events like this:

  1. UFC 286
  2. Mbilli vs Gongora
  3. DAZN card in the UK
  4. ProBox card on Wednesday
  5. DAZN card in the US
  6. Saturday’s ProBox card
  7. Pascal vs Eifert

Well, Jean Pascal is NOT the fighter he once was. What a sleeper that whole event was.

0-1 to start

Zurdo came in 8 pounds overweight, forcing DAZN to cancel.

What a piece of sh!t. Can’t even take a clear gimme fight in Rosado. Move up to Cruiser

10-3 now with the UFC event, DAZN US and UK main event currently going/still to go.

Good turn around from a shaky start. Miller’s a bum but Carroll looked pretty good. Could cause issues to top guys but I doubt he actually beats any of them

15-5 going into the US DAZN card.

Congrats to Leon Edwards, hell of a trilogy fight.

UFC fans, does Gaethje get a title shot against Makhachev next? Or does he need to fight one more guy (McGregor/Chandler winner, Poirier, Oliveira/Dariush loser, etc?)

2-1 on the DAZN card brings my total up to 17-6 on the weekend

55-22 on the year

2-1 on ProBox card (Valle fight cancelled due to illness)

19-7 on the post, 57-23 on the year

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Thanks as ever for the posts.

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2-1 on the last event I covered. Great main event, both guys showed their worth in a weight class that lacks depth in talent. Mbilli could be in line for a title shot now and Gongora should only be 1 good win away.

I’d like to see Mbilli take on the Benavidez-Plant loser. High-profile name that will certainly, with a win or even a competitive loss, solidify him at the top level of 168 contenders. As for Gongora, a Lerrone Richards rematch would be cool, seeing a Richards hasn’t fought in quite some time and their last meeting was fantastic. If not, perhaps David Morrell would be a good fight. Morrell is looking to skyrocket up rankings, and Gongora is a good fighter known by many true boxing fans as a high-level player in the weight class.

59-24 on the year

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