Thoughts on Tyson v Jones fight

Obviously like most people of a certain age we are somewhat excited by this freak show. The last fighting memories of Tyson are bad, at least not Ali level bad, but still not great.

What do people think here or do they not even give a shit to start with ? Which is a fair position to take as well given that there’s good fights most weekends between now and the end of the year.

I am intrigued more than excited. Love Tyson, but my actual first boxing match I remember watching live (was around 10) was Douglas beating Tyson. That killed me as a kid.

Would love to see if he still has that power, his workout videos are no substitute for seeing it in a real fight situation.

Jones was the best pound for pound I ever seen, again was gutted when he lost his first fight on a dodgy technical. At least he avenged it in style. Again, like so many greats, he fought on too long. Would of loved him to have taken on Calzaghe when he was more in his prime.

All in all, hoping for a fight that is closer to a fight than an exhibition as it’s being billed.

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Had a bit of interest until I saw the rules for this. No knockouts or winners allowed? So basically it’s a light spar. Think I will give that a miss.

Not much interest.
More interest in the Dubois/Joyce fight.

I was definitely interested, even with the questionable card - until I saw that if one of them gets cut, the fight is over? Why even bother.

That is mad. Wasn’t aware of that bullshit rule! Two minute rounds I understand, 12oz gloves less so, but that’s just a bit much…

Well this fight was so much better than I expected. Was a great flashback seeing Tyson again. Actually looking forward to more of these.

Joyce and DDD though :flushed:. Was delighted for Joyce, he gets so much stick from boxing ‘experts’ online. DDD just didn’t look at his level at all. Just shows you how much we all buy into hype. Young though, so plenty time for him.

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Yeah both of those were above expectation. Always good to listen to Tyson do a post-fight thing as well.

The most pleasant surprise of the evening was the efficiency and calmness with which Joyce dispatched Dubois. Impressive if unexciting…

Looking forward to (hopefully) sharing info on our update as well as other Boxing Manager news in the coming week or so.

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Would love to see Joyce fight for a world title. Comes across as a really decent guy. Mental how disrespected he was considering his amateur pedigree. He obviously isn’t all that fast, but makes up for it with incredible accuracy. Reminds me a little of George Foreman.

Looking forward to next update.

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