Tim Bradley. Tank

What’s y’all thoughts on Tim Bradley disrespecting tank Davis and calling him a woman beater?? Did he say anything about Dana White publicly and on film smacking his wife??

I’m not sure the 2 go hand in hand to be honest. Dana is the owner of a federation in a different sport so not sure why Bradley would discuss him. Whether he is right to say that is a different thing though.

Agreed that he probably won’t/maybe shouldn’t discuss the White thing. Like you mentioned, not in his wheelhouse. Now, should Chael Sonnen or Michael Bisping (both former UFC guys with somewhat popular UFC-centric shows) talk about it? Sure.

As for Bradley with Tank, given what’s come out, then it shouldn’t even be a point of discussion anymore.

Right the girl already came out and said she lied. Tim is just kissing ass at this point.

Not aware of the situation (I don’t watch/listen to Bradley) but it just seems like clickbait right now. Tank is a big name in the sport, who’s had controversy recently. I why he didn’t bring it up while it was happening, no idea, and that seems suspect


See y’all guys are real boxing fans!!! A lot of ppl who aren’t fans of Floyd automatically hates tank and their reasons are usually non boxing related.

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My only criticism of Tank is his lack of big fights. Just always want to see the best fight the best.


Well said. It’s the biggest issue in the sport right now imo. That and too many sanctioning bodies.

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For sure. And tank is by no means the only one. But he is heralded as pound for pound by ellerby etc. Put him in fight that shows he is.

It probably doesn’t help that every boxer has to
‘Protect the 0’ these days as well. Lose one fight and the morons on social media etc have you labelled as trash etc. Boxing really attracts the idiots of the world :rofl:


Boxing related. Definitely respectable :muscle:t5:

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The ‘protect the 0’ idea in boxing sucks. MMA handles losses so much better. Losing to a top contender doesn’t mean that you suck. In boxing, a loss can sometimes drop a contender out of rankings. In MMA, it may drop you a couple of spots, but top ranked guys will still be ranked following a defeat.