Tips On Making The Game As Realistic As Possible

Hey! So I love this game so much it literally takes up so many hours in my life however now after fully getting to grips with how to play the game I’m starting a new save creating a new gym.

I want this world to be as realistic as possible so I wondered what you guys do in your game work to make it as realistic as you possibly can?

@Dagnaldinho is your guy, especially after looking at some of his saves.

If you an avid boxing fan and you ain’t really into the A.I generated names then here’s an example of what you can do.

If you see a fighter similar to a guy in real life, I.E, Nationality, weight class, height reach etc, sign them and change their names.

I’m sure there is some names you recognise on this picture. In the top right, create gyms as your real life promoters, I.E Top rank, matchroom etc. gets really fun.

Whatever gym you seem to make first from the same nationality get all the amateurs though, for example, if you have Matchroom and Queensbury which is ran by Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren in real life, both based in the UK, whichever gym you created first all the amateurs will go to that gym, so maybe have one promotion getting all the amateurs and if you see any from the gym signing page have them sign for the other gym.

If you get confused which fighter fights for which gym, change their first name to the promotion they fight for.

So first name: Matchroom second name: Anthony Joshua, during fights he will come up as Anthony joshua still.

Hope this helps

Thank you so much!! That does help

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A little thing I like to do to keeping it fresh, sometimes if it’s just a guy in real life that was around world level and not a superstar for example, Shawn Porter, I’ll help develop them to say, 15-0 then release them.

A couple years down the line you’ll notice ALOT of the boxing world is covered with real life fighters especially the top 100

Example of how the names will look. But during fights they only use surnames. So it will still come up as the fighters name so it will say Conor Benn pushes forward behind his jab not Matchroom Conor Benn if you get me

It will be cool when we do eventually get to real data. :slight_smile:

It’s not that far off… We will be introducing things incrementally as it obvs get legally tricky with some fighters, people and companies. More on this v soon though.