Tips to get Championship fights

I’m just here for tips or anything really for this game. I’m relatively new but getting EXTREMELY frustrated with having GOOD/GREAT fighters ALWAYS lose right when they’re about to get a title fight or lose the title fight. Even when I have the better fighter. It’s getting extremely frustrating since I’m almost 500 fights in and only have 2 regional champions to show for it. Have never had an actual champion and I have some great fighters.

I find it quickest to only book fights after rankings have been updated. You’ll get higher ranked fights and faster assuming your fighters are winning. Always look to pick favourable fights highest up the rankings as possible, keep a track on the belt holders and try and keep your fighters schedules in line with theirs once you reach a rankings high enough to qualify for the belt. WBC is always easiest as only two contenders qualify unless of course the WBC holder is unified.

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Thanks. After reading your tip and some of the other forums I don’t think I realized some of the smaller details I had to pay attention to. Like the matchmaking and the timing of your matches. I was literally just putting my guys in matches as soon as they were available to fight. Now I finally have an undisputed champ and legit 8 fighters in the top 5 of each ranking body for their weight class. Many more Championships fights are on the way lol


Nice bro! Another tip, always have at least 2 gyms, fighters from different gyms can fight each other then as sometimes you’ll have two guys in the same weight class but at the same gym and they can never have that mega fight, so having multiple gyms you can make some incredible bouts down the line