Title defences and length of reign

I think you should bring back how many title defences and how long they’ve reigned for thought that was a great feature, also when will the beta be released into the game

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Yes agree with you 100% on that.
Current beta will probably go live into App Store later today.
Seems a good version to us.

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Great and yeah if you click on titles it’s abit of a mess at the moment but it’s not urgent at this time


It’s totally urgent :wink:

We are looking at this as part of next update.

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I’ve found since updating to v1.05 that I win a title I can defend it but I win a unified title I never have any opponents ever I’ve tried signing someone who already has the belts I’ve tried working my boxer to winning it naturally once I won it then that was it no belts show up ever

I end up being sued and losing money

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We have a fix for this and some more functionality to support managing fighters with multiple titles.

We hope Apple will approve this today (Friday…)

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When is the update coming?

Is the update coming today ?