Title defences and unifications

I know you guys are working on incorporating mandatories and voluntary defences in future versions, which is well needed. How about letting all top ten guys in an organization be eligible to fight for the title, which is basically how it works in real life? Also, perhaps unification should be handled a little differently instead of champions being ranked in other organizations? Anyway, just some ideas. Looking forward to the next update.

Thanks for posting here.

When the mandatories appear in the game we will extend the qualifying rankings for a title challenge. Not sure of the exact amounts to which they will alter but alter they surely will in order for the mandatories to not become too onerous. Also the benefit of getting the mandatory slot will become very important for challengers as the voluntary defences (ie those within the wider qualifying rankings) will largely be for champions to choose. Not, as is at present, for contenders to ask/make the fight.

That all sounds very promising. Looking forward to it.

:slight_smile: Thanks.

We hope that this will follow the update we are currently working on.