Title Defense 2/15/2024

I’ve read previous chats on this subject, and I believe it hasn’t been addressed as it should be. When u have all the title belts and are undisputed champ, no more fight offers come in, and the fighter gets frustrated.

Game is like this to try keep it as realistic as possible. It’s rare to get all belts and then to defend them all numerous times. If you have to drop a belt to keep fighter happy then do it.
Not sure if it still works but when it’s time to renew a champs contract, dropping a belt or 2 would reduce his financial demands.

This mitigates the fact that people will repeatedly challenge whoever holds whatever belt. No matter what belt you hold there will be challengers, if not for one conference than for another. So the fight slowing up makes no sense to me, because someone will always wanna challenge for the belt. More rare sure, but there should always be challengers

I know what you’re saying pal but look at it another way. You have a young fighter who is best in his weight class. You get to top of rankings and champ has all 4 belts. A.i champ doesn’t want to fight you cos your the best but has always got other people that he can fight who will be easy fights. Game would suck. At least this way if a.i holds multiple belts, as long as you stay in rankings eventually he will be forced to fight you.

We just need a updated ranking system what the point of becoming undisputed when we can’t even defend the belt most of the time

Everyone’s got their own opinion on this. I personally think it’s far too easy to become undisputed champ. I don’t mind having to drop a belt to make a fight. I think it makes game more realistic. In real boxing fighters have to drop belts to make fights so I personally don’t mind it.


I think the problem is that if they were no rules in place, then every single belt would be undisputed eventually. Other than when someone moves weight. This would ruin the game world.

Admittedly it can be annoying having to drop a belt. But it’s hugely realistic. Very few champions stay undisputed for long irl. Belts are dropped for a variety reasons. It may not be for the same reasons as in the game, but the outcome is the same.

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