Title fight rankings

I think you should get a title opportunity in the top 10 not top 2, 3 or 5 it’ll make the game better and more fights for your champion

I don’t think top 10 for each organization would be good because that would make the game too easy. I would suggest top 3 for WBC top 5 for WBA and top 7 for IBF and maybe top 10 in regional rankings for regional title fights.


Yeah 3, 5 and 7 sound right to me if it was to be changed. Actually think it work fine as it is, other than the annoying thing of having to drop belts when undisputed.

Top 10 way to easy in my opinion. I’m actually a bit surprised how easy some want the game to be.


Don’t want it easier at all but when you have to wait ages for your wbc champion to announce a fight it’s very boring