Title fights and unification fights

I feel like a lot of people might disagree with this but I was thinking that getting a title fight should be made a bit easier because I can have a fighter floating around the top 10 for a while and it can take me ages to actually get them into position to fight for a title so I thought it would be better if say I was ranked number 1 with the wbo and then ranked 10 with the rest of the organisation’s I should still be able to get a title fight for the wbo because a lot of the time I have to be eligible to fight for all the titles before I can get to fight for just one belt and it can take a while especially with injuries and it feels like you’re getting no where but I also think it should be made a bit harder to get unification fights because I could win a world title and then be undisputed champion within 3-4 fights not all the time but quite often I can be undisputed fairly quick. Even in real life some fighters can get a title fight quickly but it’s not often that you see them become undisputed champion so quick or even unified champion. As I said I think quite a few folk could disagree with me here but I just thought I’d put this up and see what people think

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I disagree with this…

But I agree with this……

I don’t so much mean it should be a lot easier just in the way if I’m ranked number 1 with one organisation I think i should be able to get to fight for that title no matter what my ranking is with the other organisation’s just feel sometimes I’m getting no where especially when I’m in a good position in the ranking and get injured then I drop just out of being able to get a title fight. I’m not complaining or anything I love the game just something I wanted to see what other people thought but I did think people would disagree a bit😂

Also something I’d like to see is the regional title fights shown on the record screen with like a silver crown or something just think it would be quite cool

To be honest I still think it’s a bit easy to get a title shot. I strangely quite like it when my guy is hovering about in the ranking positions but not getting a shot. Brings realism to the game for me. You know that eventually he will get his shot. But it forces you into taking risky fights to get in no 1 ranking.

One thing that does kind of bug me though is it’s way too easy to get undisputed in my opinion. But incredibly hard to defend all the belts. This is a bit backwards to how it should be. Mandatories will fix that though I’m sure.


Yes it will. However, we’ve been holding back on it as Mandatories do change the game play a LOT and it reduces the title opportunities which we already have tons of people thinking we fix (against players!!!) when it comes to offering title shots…

Yeah I thought that would be the case. That’s a tough one to get around to be honest.

I think it would be good if you defend a regional title like 2-3 times it can put you in position for a world title fight

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We agree there should be a connection between the two.

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