Title fights bugs - can’t arrange them!

Hi guys. I’m about 3 years deep into the game and have 4 fighters as number 1 contenders in their divisions for either 2 or all of the governing bodies. I still can’t arrange a title fight it seems at the moment. Is there any help or guides you can’t give me? Love the game btw!

I have the same problem atm I can’t see the champions to even offer a fight , and my fighter is no 1 ranking in each organisation, I keep having to fight top contenders, very frustrating as I want that belt lol

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Ok. We’re looking at this bear with us.

Ok. We have found an issue that prevents contenders not being able to see champions in a number of situations.

We have already fixed this and submitted the fix (1.00.03) to Apple. Fingers crossed this will not take long to approve (< 24 hours). We will update the group when the fix has been approved and gone live.

Our apologies for this and thanks to those players who alerted us to the problem.
BM Team

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No worries at all, thank you for looking into it!

Having the same issue as well.

Fix is with Apple. Hopefully that will get approved ASAP.

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Update now available that should fix this.

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Can arrange title fights now thank you for sorting! Problem now is I don’t seem to be able to arrange unification Bouts.

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