Title Fights in brother mode

I’ve been sitting at 1 for awhile now. And have not received a title fight nor have I seen an offer. With 2 of my boxers. What do I have to do to get a shot? Did I waste my money building up the gyms and fighters

There has been countless threads on it. But 1 is not a guaranteed shot. Fight the other high ranked boxers to try and get no 1 in all feds. Title shot pretty much guaranteed at that stage.

No guarantees of a shot… It’s boxing :slight_smile: And we love it :wink:

Just got to keep taking best fights you can get. I have a boxer in my career mode who had 30 fights undefeated. Was ranked for a title fight after 20 fights. So it took 3 years and 10 fights before anyone would fight him for a belt.

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If never had any boxer be ranked 1, 1, 1 and 1 not get a title shot. Probably possible but must be incredibly rare.

I feel the Mandatory defences/shots thread coming up again…

Can’t wait, it’s probably been a cpl of weeks since the last one.

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lol i had someone who was 1 in all rankings and couldn’t get a shot for months. You learn to do the timing of title shots easier based off of scheduling