Title fights not being made from week one

I can’t seem to make any title fights at all the game has made all the regional champions but 100 weeks in and nobody is a champion can someone help?

100 fights for the whole gym I assume? That’s pretty normal. Just need to keep winning and getting the ranking as high as you can. Title fights will come. My current game has 153 fights and iv only had one champ.

Sorry I meant to say 100 weeks into the game

Ah that’s not much. I’m in week 201 with only one champ.

Are you aware you need to be in certain ranking positions to get a title shot? ie top 2 for WBC, top 3 for WBA etc…

And even then it’s not guaranteed. You really need to be ranked 1,1,1,1 to be sure of a title shot. Though that’s not always the case.

Thanks man ye I’m 144 weeks in and have 39 fighters and every world title is still vacant

Still vacant? Oh that’s not right then. Sorry I have misunderstood you.

Something has went wrong there. There are hotfixes in the options. May be worth trying them. But iv not heard of all titles being vacant before. I would probably just start again, no titles should be vacant.

So I loose any money I’ve put into the game? So when I start the new game should there be champions already made?

Yeah all the belts should have champions, except the Ring belts.

Do you know how to view your shortlisted fighters? The ones you follow?

Yeah mate, go into rankings and on the left hand side scroll to the bottom. You will find it there.

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