Title issue when changing weight

Hi ironMike I know you guys are fixing some bugs and I’ve been playing a while so I thought I’d bulletpoint the ones I found and send screenshots.

  1. When I unified the belts in a division and moved up weight one of the belts from that division disappeared. It’s happened in more than one division so I think it’s a belt glitch

  2. Sometimes when matchmaking I look at the opponents stats and if I need to improve mine I click on growth. When I do this it sometimes shows me the growth and potential of the opponent rather than my fighter.

  3. When I hire a trainer and check how long they’ve been with me it shows the date as years instead of weeks.

  4. When a fight goes to the decision and it’s showing the judges score at the bottom sometimes it’ll show the same Judges decision twice I.e. “Judge 1 scored 79-78” this is on the bottom when the fight is being decided not once you click to see fight results.

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Thanks for those. We’d seen a couple and have them in the bug list but the others are very helpful.

Expect another bug fix during the week.

Cool if I find anymore I’ll let you know :slight_smile: