Title not on the line in fight

Hi there

I have an undisputed champion and he has the magazine title too and Iv just booked him his next fight against a guy who is ranked 4th for the magazine title and it’s not up for grabs in the fight

I thought it was meant to be defended against someone in the top 5 so wondering if I’m wrong or is it a bug?


Its a bug they are trying to reproduce it

Yeah that’s good, on my end it seems to be just the ranks one and two that can fight for the title.

Also there must be another bug with the ranking when your booking a fight, 10 random fighters that ain’t even ranked are on the list with no ranking, I never seen anyone that is ranked being under the magazine list.

Yeah i see that too i stopped playing because of the bug im on week 993 so have alot of ring belt holders

How have you got magazine title?just wondering as mine doesn’t have it?

It on the new beta test

That’s helpful. We are trying to reproduce this bug.


Otherwise think we are good to go and this brings some cool new stuff into play :slight_smile: