Title rankings must be above 2 etc

So my champion can’t unify because the other champions aren’t ranked in the top 2 of the wbc, even though he’s number 1 which delays him to win other titles and think the title restrictions should be taken away

Why should they unify? These things are rare occurrences in the game and require the game world criteria to happen.
Managers don’t control the titles…

As we discussed in private messages…,:slight_smile:

We may well make these ranking criteria and their changing part of the game world. Using influence as manager etc. Bribes…? Etc etc.

As ever we love player opinions and look forward to hearing what others say about this.

I think the unified thing has been a tough one to get right. They should be rare but not impossible. Imo, if a fighter has had a long reign then he should be in line for unification. It did get a bit stupid in previous versions when all titles were unified really quickly though.

I did have a problem before re the ranking for WBC though. With only the top 2 ranks being eligible, I had an issue where those 2 were also champions. So he couldn’t get a fight as the game wouldn’t trigger a unification.


This is one of the classic times when the “no rules in boxing” makes things hard.
We think we have the logic on the right track.

As ever so much of our game work starts with historical and statistical research. Thus however it feels to play the base principles we believe are strong.
As ever we iterate incrementally to the right place.

Agree. Had same issue.

Agree. I think it’s too easy currently.

It can also become very easy, once the gym starts to do well, to sign all the top fighters in a division, and then keep all the belts in your gym.

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This is (bugs permitting) the focus of work and next update this coming week.

We will move current game config into a new game setting called “easy mode” or something.

Then make new mode whereby developing stable with be contingent on growing young fighters rather than just signing anyone. Those days are nearly over. :slight_smile:

It will be obviously possible to still sign fighters but this will be much more determined by the success and reputation of the gym than at present. At the moment it’s too like a football transfer market than a boxing sim…:wink:

We have most of this already working and it’s great fun, particularly once we can add the new weekly leaderboards and challenges for iOS14. Will be great in our opinion and gives amazing variety to the game.

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I don’t understand why if all the organisations rank a fighter within the top ten of theirs why they shouldn’t be eligible to fight

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