Tonight’s big fight

Anyone else right looking forward to tonight’s fight. Think this could be the one where people start to appreciate the skills of Jake Paul!

I joke of course. But really looking forward to Williams v Andrade. Fancy Williams to cause an upset. On at a decent time as well considering it’s in America.

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Forgot that was on! Great saves us having o go out and pretend to be social…:blush:


Going out? Forgot what that is! Pubs still not open here in Scotland!

Dinny lad they seem like there never opening

Great shout out there pal. Forgot about Williams fight.
Anyone on here recommend a boxing app? One I used to have had all scheduled fights on it and showed what channel they were on but it’s stopped working last month.

I’ve never found such a boxing app. Have looked as well. Be interested also.

Ended up watching that triller show. Wow. Not even sure what I watched. De La Hoya out his face, Snoop smoking blunts, boxers taking dives :joy::joy:. Will probably watch their next card as well :joy:

The app I had was ok while it lasted. Only problem was you would have to scroll through individual country’s to see what was on in that region.
Still missed a few random fights but it was better than nowt.
I ended up trying to watch triller show but iptv was playing up so scrapped it off. I got to the fight with the gang members was it gloves up, guns down? It was a fat bloke slapping another. Haha
I will watch it again if Paul fights a proper boxer. :joy:

It’s was so surreal. Snoops commentary was hilarious. It kind of felt like a WWE version of boxing. It was complete nonsense but entertaining for sure :joy: