Tonight’s fights

A good nights action ahead for once.

Looking especially forward to the Gorman v Wardley fight. Good British heavyweight title of old style match up.

I’ll be tuned in to Ryder and Parker, due solely to the Canelo implications (winner is probably is tune up pre-Bivol. Might tune in for Zepeda and Prograis, too. The DAZN undercard looks interesting, but the main event is uninteresting to me. Not a big fan of Whyte


Enjoyed Gorman v Wardley for as long as it lasted. Gorman looked streets ahead early on, but it just shows what a big punch can do in heavyweight boxing!

Ended up watching the Wardley fight and yeah, he’s much rawer of a talent than I thought. He’s still a ways away from fighting ranked guys, which surprised me. I’d like to see him fight someone on the level of Jerry Forrest or Charles Martin, someone of that level. Talented but not enough to be a contender. 10 rounds. That’d be a great litmus test for him. He’s 27, time to see what he is.

Be surprised iv he goes far to be honest. His fights will be a good watch though.