Trainer Attribute Question

Hello, it’s me again.

The trainer I signed had dark green in every category except light green in Motivational. Seemed like an awesome luck of the draw. Figured I would get a really good all around trainer. It turns out he only has a 7 in Ringcraft and Punishment which seemed a little confusing to me considering he’s a Dark Green in nearly everything. It’s even lower than his Motivation and Inspiration which was supposed to be his worst abilities. I provided screenshot of him below.

Question: Is Ringcraft and Punishment completely random for all trainers? Are they not tied to the categories you see before signing them? Or does each trainer attribute actually branch off into several categories?

I tried doing a mental mapping of all the categories and trainer attributes and assumed Ringcraft would maybe fall under a combination/either of Training Ability/Boxing Brain/Strategic which were all dark green.

Clarity would be much appreciated. I know not every aspect of game is supposed to be “figured out and exact” and there are going to be ranges for all things, as that’s what makes it fun, but this just seemed a little off the fact those two ended up in the red (Unless those attributes are in fact random or the ranges fall that low)

That’s actually a good question. Happened to me as well. I guess it’s the luck of the draw, I guess.

The same thing happens when you sign your original fighters, too. I kind of like it. Makes it harder to start up.

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Yeah I don’t mind it either. It would be boring if it was completely predictable. Keeps you on your toes. I was just curious. Nothing I’m going to lose sleep over. I’m sure it the developer wanted us to know, he would include the exact layout in the manual :slightly_smiling_face:

If it is a level of randomness, I almost feel like it would make more sense to have the option to be able to hire the trainer upon gym creation before you sign your first group of fighters then. Obviously your first 2-3 fighters are probably going to be solid. But when you have a group of 5-8 fighters for those last two spots, knowing which fighters secondary or tertiary attributes you can develop best would be invaluable to know. It’s kind of more realistic also imo.

I understand you CAN do this by bypassing selecting fighters but from my understanding that would make you miss out on good young prospects. I guess it could be done to challenge yourself down the road I suppose.

Best analogy I can think of is if you’re running a sports team, you wouldn’t wait until after free agency and the draft to hire your coaching staff. You’d have that in place so you know which players to bring in and develop into your system.

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Cool and interesting thread.

We will have to go and look at the code but this is definitely a range based issue whereby we use a band/range when showing the summarised attribute descriptions.

We will be, in the next major update, revert to simply showing the attributes as are rather than this convoluted method.

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That’s cool. Makes it consistent with signing fighters. You know exactly what you’re in for. Thanks

Sounds good. Thanks for adding to the convo. I do like the way it’s setup now, as there is an element of mystery, but I understand not wanting confusion

Loving the game, great job with all you’ve done.

Interesting read this. Trainers is definitely something that is lacking a bit in the game, but I appreciate it’s one of the things being looked at.

I think trainers should be able to improve, just like the boxers. It’s common sense that once a trainer has multiple world champions, he is probably a lot better than when he started.

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