Trainer question

Do trainer ratings and attributes change through time? Also, do trainers eventually retire?

Does anybody have an answer to this question about trainers?

We do,.

They should retire.

No, the attributes don’t change.

We determined that the movement in real terms (bar experience) was a hard thing to judge.
Suggestions or thoughts always welcome.

In a “couple” of patches time, (depending on bug fixing) they should become even more real with the pool of trainers supplemented by retiring fighters as the trainer retires or dies.

That sounds really good. I appreciate you sneering my questions. I really enjoy the game and although you can always add extra things to it to make it more realistic, the game is by far a 10 out of 10
In my books. I am happy being part of the journey and evolution of this game.

Through engaging with our game’s players seems the only logical way to approach making a game that they like :slight_smile:

We have so much cool stuff to add it’s seemingly infinite. Thus getting players to prioritise each new feature, step by step, also seems quite cool to do :wink:

Once we have this inevitable bug phase completed then it’s onto new feature paradise for all of u. We put up the vote, sort out the code and up comes the release :wink: And repeat.