Trainer retirement?

Just a quick question as some of my trainers are knocking on deaths door. Do we get notified of their retirement or death lol? Never sacked a trainer always find a decent one and stick with them so interested to know

Trainers don’t retire or die at the moment.

Thanks for the information

I think deaths in the game is something the developers have morally wrestled with :joy:.

There are a few controversial things that could be added such as deaths, drug bans, match fixing, dodgy federations etc. Risky though. People get offended awfully easy these days.

Enjoy your posts by the way :sunglasses:

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Yeah good points mate lol all of which controversial but reflect realism so I’d be all for it. Love this game. Thanks dude same for you :sunglasses:

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Yes! Thanks for some really thoughtful posts since coming to the forum.

We are busy with our heads down at the moment.
Mainly on Android but also some cool new bits to bring out as the nights grow long etc etc:)

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On this topic our Android guys have written the code for both trainer retirement and death ahead of iOS.

We will be looking at introducing this to iOS as soon as possible.:wink:

The death bit we will test a lot.
It makes sense to have it in, also having seen it with fighters in test, it’s grim.