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Probably a stupid question but does this show that my fighters Defence & Stamina have improved by 1 or decreased by 1??

I might have taken too many concussive right hooks, but it doesn’t seem as clear as the aggression stat improvement???

Not a stupid question at all!
They have increased.

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Great thank you.

While on the topic of training how much difference does increasing and decreasing an area?

Or is it variable dependant on your trainer, gym facilities and boxer??

I tend to just leave them all? Not sure if I’m missing out??

If my boxers ring generalship isn’t 20 I put that in intensive. Then I knock strategy down a level. Not sure if training effects some fighters more than other but it definitely bumps your ratings up a bit over career.

Thanks :+1:

Wonder what the negative effects are on strategy?

One of the ways it’s manifest is in a lower positive effect when using the fight round instructions.


Makes sense that it’s a trade off between the attributes.

Thanks for the advice.

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