Training progress with new Fight Camp update

Really like the fight camps - seems like another immersive addition

I had assumed that the gains in fight camps were temporary for that fight, but now fighters don’t train unless they have fights booked, are the fight camp gains actually permanent?

With it being a significant change, any clarification on how Fight Camps work would be much appreciated!


They dont train per se when not in camp. There is a residual thing going on with regards to fitness changes however when not in camp.

The gains are temporary/for the single fight and we’ve increased the amount of xp to compensate for this when utilising the growth /development.

As ever we look to iterate and improve with player feedback and comments.


After playing through a few game months, I think the balance needs tweaking.

I like the idea of the camps, but there isn’t enough opportunity for fighter development now, so the world seems more stagnant

I might just be going through a rough patch, but I’m also feeling that my fighters are losing to, getting knocked down by and generally struggling against clearly inferior guys a lot more than pre patch?

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Ok. As ever, will listen to feedback and see what others say. :slight_smile:

I dunno it’s been pretty good for me. It pretty much eliminated those 4 week camps, as you want the longer camps that seem to allow for more in-camp upgrade opportunities. And those camps have also changed how I recruit fighters as well. I look for more well-rounded guys with maybe 13 or more Generalship (ass opposed to only signing 16+ Generalship fighters previously) as you can often get your guys to fight at 14 or 15 generalship from camp upgrades. Adds more I think. Feels like your helping a lower iq fighter game plan well that he looks smart (AJ?)

I like the new function. Works well.

It’s a great addition but I’m not sure it needed to completely replace the old training schedule. I do miss being able to adjust an overall training schedule. Especially for novice boxers, where a training camp wouldn’t really be appropriate irl.

Also think if we now can’t adjust training then all stats should be able to naturally update including Ring Gen and chin.

Also taking into account the whole mechanics of the game is about signing young boxers and not signing ready made champs, it does seem a little strange you can’t in any way adjust their training.

Ok. To be fair we hadn’t considered them working alongside one another. We will have a think about this…

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@TartanTornado has summed up my feelings better than I did!

One thing that could work if the two are combined is that the dedication stat could directly impact how often the fighter trains between fights, and how effective the development is?


This is an example of the issue with the change… I signed this fighter before the update

Pre-update I would have dropped stamina training, and increased boxing training to try and get the Ring Generalship and Accuracy up, and then used earned XP to improved Takes Punishment and maybe Power

With the new update this guy will likely stay pretty much as he is - the development is too slow. Although I have added 1 to RG already, my guess is with the current settings I might get two more RG points before the XP gets unachievable, with no other changes possible.

Either the two training modes in conjunction would be good, or a huge boost is needed to XP earned from fights

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You will be pleased to know that hopefully tomorrow we will release update that has both the new fight camp but also the training of old together with the attribute boosts associated with the latter.



Nice!! Delighted to see the training return.

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Likewise, good to see the training back!

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