Tune up or inflate record fights

How often do you guys make these type of fights? At what stage of the boxers career?

That’s an interesting question.

Hmm… Here we do like inflating records :slight_smile:

I like to test my guys early agaisnt ppl around the same level. Once you start getting higher in the ranks ive seen a lot of “tune” up type fighters so I usually do it mid way before top ten.

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We never test them. :slight_smile: just pump that record get is much growth as possible then throw into the big time:)

I always try and fight at the highest point in the rankings possible (but always avoid 20 punch power if I can) only time I ever really run a tune up fight is if a good fighter loses a couple fights in a row with almost no explanation


Avoiding punchers is always good advice. :slight_smile:

I take the easy route until he is a champion with a good few defences. Then it’s all about taking risks and going for legacy.

Once you’ve unified, you absolutely have to take the best fights! Nothing better than taking away a challengers 0

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