Two aspects of the game that could use a little tweaking

So, like the header says, I think there are two aspects of the game that could use some tweaking/adjusting.

The first one is the rankings which are still somewhat too random. You find fighters advancing to the top of the rankings based on wins that aren’t that spectacular. Too much fluctuation up and down in the rankings over all. The top 15 especially should be more steady, meaning to get to the top you would have to beat a fighter ranked in the top 15. I know you are revising the whole ranking system to possibly include mandatories and such but I thought this was worth mentioning.

Number two would be AI fighters not hanging up their gloves when they should. I find most AI fighters (even the future greats) in general don’t hang them up until double digit losses, which makes things a little unrealistic. A little tweaking in that area would be much appreciated.

So two minor things that I think could be improved upon.


We are making major changes to the rankings and we hope that this the effects you describe will come about as a consequence of them. The rankings will be much more realistic and progressive with world rankings coming for the top 20 or so for each org and as you point out this leads to more realistic world title challenges etc.

AI fighters retirements is a long needed tweak. We tried a very cautious approach a while back and again will make further changes soon with which probably over do it :wink:

Thanks for the comments.

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