Two quick questions

Just got two questions that I know have been asked before , just to see if there’s any update .

  1. Is there any plan to retire an undefeated fighter ? I have a lightweight 30-0 , undisputed champ ,currently at a good age and was thinking I’d like to have two more fights then call it a day undefeated.

  2. Option to go back down a weight, for example I have a champ I’ve fetched from welterweight to light heavy with just one defeat, the guy I lost to is now champ at welterweight and would like to settle an old score .

All in all this game keeps getting better . One of the best games about !

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Add both of them over at our new Feature Request section.

They’re on our list but we’re keen to prioritise items with what players want.

Thanks for the comments. We have lots to do but glad you’re enjoying the game as much as we do.