Two things that would be massive for the game

So I’ve been playing the game for a while now and after 10 years of in game I’ve basically got all the belts from heavyweight to lightweight. There’s 2 things I’d like to see that I think would give more realism and build more suspense for each fight. 1. Id love if there was venues/countries for each fight to get a bit more of a home turf sort of feeling etc. 2. Press conferences. All it could be is something to attend to during the 14 week wait for a fight and it could be like a weigh in or anything just again to build the upcoming fight. I’m not gonna sit here and demand things because I have no idea how hard it must be to make a game like this and you guys are smashing it but it’s food for thought if you was looking at adding extra things.


Press conferences are definitely in short term plans.

We will be putting that probably up for a vote to gauge interest and get feedback but probably after we have added the regional titles.

Cities are about midway down the list but we get it that they’ll add more depth.

We also think the game is still too easy.
Too easy to sign people to get the titles rather than build each fighter up from 0-0.
Unless you’ve done that…!
Whilst the game should be "winnable’ (as you’ve shown) we think that should have taken somewhere upwards of 30 game years minimum. Simply managers shouldn’t as a matter of course be able to have such a wide array of interested fighters for gyms so early on. Perhaps when they have got current champs etc or a history of champs but otherwise it’s not realistic and kills game time…

We would love to know what other players here think about game difficulty?


I agree so in my stable at the moment I have 5 fighters. 3 of them I started at 0-0 and worked them up but two I did sign to my stable as respected fighters already! From my playing experience I think what it is, a padded record gets you very far. I think if you’re looking at regional titles it needs to be like a step by step basis. For example: you can’t be ranked below 100 in the rankings if you haven’t won a regional title regardless of win loss record. Just to build some credibility to the fighters in the top 100 and it can give like a step up for fighters to see if they’re ready to compete against the top 100 fighters in the world in their weight. Again I don’t know how hard it would be to do that so please don’t think I’m just demanding stuff haha

Ha! Isn’t demanding at all, think its good for us to hear what people think.

Definitely think novices and rookies only option will appear soon. Unless you’ve a reigning champion of some flavour…

The tough thing with a boxing game unlike many other is the lack of real world rules.

Even fixture lists in other sports are a structure that boxing somehow makes up as it goes along.

By regional in this instance it would be five continental belts, so the ranked 100 thing might be tough.
Below that and to national would be next step we think. Below that to area level would be stretching things at this stage maybe…

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I’d love to see a hall of fame, or GOAT/P4P feature. I know in the first game there was a p4p list.

Someway to memorialize fighters who’ve had a big impact. Maybe an example would be having current and former title holders from your gym viewable from the gym menu.

An occasional scenario would be cool. You could always add amateur boxing, or have amateur boxing events where you can go to scout the new boxers as opposed to having them generated. Like you go to the event and evaluate the talent. You don’t flat out see their stats, as that kind of familiarity with a boxer that’s never fought before is rare.


Yeah fair enough I get that it’s not easy as boxing itself is just one day nothing is happening the next some major fight is announced. The effort so far in the game is mind blowing compared to anything else on the market you have a proper game here and all these things I’m saying are just minor touches. Overall best boxing game out there that’s as close as you can get to being a real life promoter. The different belts is going to be a massive change and looking forward to it


I would say as a someone who plays A LOT of sports management and coaching games this is the BEST SPORTS game out there besides the madden mobiles and the nba mobiles out there.

Hall of Fame would be a great addition. I really miss the old PFP ranking from the old game. I used to always track how well my fighters were ranked at they progressed.

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We obviously have an enormous stack of requests, bugs and so forth. This however is one of the personal favourites here. Only reason we haven’t done it is probably because we want to do it justice. the whole game history, records, hall of fame, PfPs etc deserve something cool. Which we hope they will get sooner rather than later.

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Had no doubt it would be added. Look forward to seeing what you come up with for that.

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