Two very small bugs

I like the commentary on fast. When restarting a game, although fast remains highlighted on the Options screen, the commentary starts on very fast and I effectively miss the first round.
Changing the setting to another speed and then back to fast before the fight (or after the first round) solves the issue.
The commentary is then always at the right speed without any further changes until I exit the game

When setting up a bout for a fighter who’s contract is expiring, if I’ve last looked at the opponent career record, choosing the ‘View Contract’ option on the warning pop up takes me to the opponent card, not my own fighter.
Going back to the main game screen and restarting the booking process without viewing the opponent card means that the ‘View Contract’ button correctly links back to my fighter again

Only minor issues and easy to work around, but thought them worth highlighting

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Thanks. We’ve been lazy with the top one (for years :))
The bottom one we thought we’d fixed. Will add that to the queue.
Thank you.

The second one is fixed for most fighters, it only flips to other fighter directly off the warning screen that pops up before confirming a fight for a boxer who’s contract is expiring and if you last looked at the opposition fighter card rather than yournown