UI in Cancel Contract

First, let me be clear that I take responsibility for not reading closely enough and making the mistake.

I wanted to see how much it would cost to cancel a contract, so I made that selection on my fighter. Seeing that the amount was more than I wanted to pay, I wanted to “cancel” my decision to cancel the contract. Going down to the buttons, the left button said “Cancel Contract?” And I saw Cancel and tapped it, which of course cancelled the contract. While I take responsibility for that mistake (which probably ruined my save - now I have a $2M deficit), can I make the gentle suggestion that you rework the UI there so that the “confirm” button isn’t labeled “cancel”?


Hi @Nails67

Thanks for the post. We can see the confusion there. We have updated the text in the next update to stop this confusion.

We have also updated the UI as of current beta version so that towards the end of a fighter’s contract the manager now receives an alert when making fights for that fighter.