Unable to arrange title fights

Great game but currently have fighters in the top 5 of the rankings but cannot arrange title fights for some reason? Any idea why?

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Hi Daniel

Can you send over a screenshot of the rankings for the fighters in question?



Unable to fight champions so have to fight highest ranked opponents

Can you send us, for example, the ranking screen for the welterweights sorted by WBC?

The reason is that they have to be higher ranked. Top 2 for WBA. Top 3 for WBA or Top 5 for IBF.

Yes, that confirms our previous answer. The fighter is not highly rated enough to fight for any of the titles. He needs to be #2 for WBC, #3 for WBA and #5 for IBF.

Thanks for playing. Your guys’ nearly there with a shot. Watch that Defence though :wink:

Hi thanks for the response but even with my fighter being within the rankings I still can’t make the fight with the champ?

Is the Champ now undisputed? If so then you will need to be also be top two in WBC.

To be honest your boxer would most likely lose any title fights anyway. Fair play for getting a boxer with those stats to such a high ranking.

The champs unified IBF & WBA so don’t know why I can’t get a shot
My fighters been ranked in this position for over 1000 days now he’s turning into Dillian Whyte :joy:

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And the champion is fighting away whilst you wait…?

Yeah he continues to fight, I wait for him to complete his fight so I can try book him with my fighter but won’t allow me to even when he’s injury free

I’ve had this same kind of problem actually but I’ve eventually gotten a title fight after waiting a while

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Potentially one of the elements at play here is that when simulating boxing there are no actual real entitlements for any fighter to make a fight given a set of circumstances of timing, rankings, luck etc. In this case we believe this looks a case of those “circumstances” meaning this current champion doesn’t want the fight within in the constraints of the current game world rules. If that makes sense… ?