Understanding how to attract better rookies into my gym


I’m struggling to understand why my gym isn’t attracting better rookies or at least better fighters.

I have a, I’d say good stable of fighters and they all have decent records, barring a couple, I also have had top trainers in my gym but can’t seem to be attracting good rookies or change the standing of my stable to attract them, any help?

I also can’t seem to make my gym more well known either, even with fighters like these ^

Think you need to have some title wins in there to get better reputation. Also your gym record is pretty poor to honest. Lots of loses in there.

That’s considered poor? :dizzy_face:

I took the tip of making fights after the monthly rankings have been published and fighting the highest ranked opponents without walking into fights that have like 13% win percentage for example, on that note, does the win percentage play a factor into winning like is it coded that the fighter with the higher percentage has an automatic higher chance of winning or is it like betting odds? If that makes any sense.

Also, is it a good idea to use growth (since potential drops) with fighters or just let the trainer do his job?

Well yes it is in my opinion. My gym has a record of 165-3. You should really be winning most fights before you get the tough ones in the top 10 etc. Yeah win % is important. It’s mostly driven by Ring Gen. It’s not guaranteed of course. But you really want over 50% chance of winning. Look for 60% and above.

Oh definitely use your potential points. As soon as you can. Your boxer can still improve after you have used them all up.

How were your starting boxers? Game is incredibly difficult if they are not upto much. You really want at least one of them capable of winning a title. Once you win a title you can sign boxers from the whole region not just the UK.

Also you have quite a big stable. Are the boxers you are signing possibly just not good enough?

Jesus, here’s me thinking my gym has a good W/L record.:joy:

I had a decent few fighters but they started to age into their 30s so I let their contracts run down in favour of younger fighters with more potential.

Also, thanks for the helpful information too mate.

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No worries mate. Post a screenshot of a cpl of your best fighters if you like. Can see if your targeting good enough ones.

I put money into the stable to try and get more fights going in an attempt to get my gym out there, so I could attract the better rookies, my fighters aren’t journeymen but they aren’t cream of the crop either.

To be honest I don’t think that works. In my experience, for the first cpl of years you might get offered just 1 or 2 rookies who have the potential to be great. No point even signing the others.

Like is say, it’s once you win a title that you can sign better ones, so your starting boxers are hugely important.

Right well he is actually decent apart from the most important stat - ring generalship :joy:. You want that to be at least 15.

Ring Gen on all these guys is not good enough mate. That’s why they are losing.

It’s all making sense now😂

Also Lozano has fought the champ of a division twice and won but hasn’t received the belt, how do you know when the title is on the line in a fight?

Take it was a regional champion? Well obviously he needs to be from the same region, but he also needs to be ranked top 5.

Yeah… I didn’t realise it was regional, my bad😂

This your first play through mate? Might be a good idea to start again now you know what’s what. Most important thing in the game really is having good starting boxers. You can always keep restarting til you get some good boxers to start with :wink:.

Use the stat points wisely. Get the ring gen as high as possible. I always aim for at least 18. But 15 isn’t bad as well.

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