Unification of Belts after Update

I know it’s been mentioned before but since the last update, you are unable to unify belts. In fact, a champ will never be able to fight another belt champ now. I understand that it might take a few weeks before you could have unification matches but I think we would want it to eventually allow for it,

Also, there is no way to breakup a unified heavyweight title. Once you have one boxer get it, no matter who wins the match, that boxer will be unified. I guess the only way is for the boxer who has the unified belts to retire. Maybe there is a way that after a couple of boxers win the heavyweight unified belt to have the next boxer only get the gbc belt and then the other two belts are allocated to the next highest level boxers.

Overall, the game is playing great, just a couple of quirks.

The heavyweight belt issue is not an easy one to solve. Perhaps every now and again you could be given a Mandatory challenger for one federation. If you reject it then you drop that specific belt. Think this would be a decent addition anyway, stop people picking the easiest fights all the time.

Also, I agree that unifying the best was too easy and frequent previously. But I don’t think it should be pretty much impossible.


Not sure what’s happening with the unified heavyweight title. The hot fix to reset champions should fix that issue.

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