Unification own stable

I have 2 fighters in my gym who are both supermiddle weight champions but they won’t fight each other ? What reason is this?

You cannot make fights between fighters from same gym. Same stable (ie same manager) but not gym.

There are countless threads here on the topic.

As ever interested in views. This is something of an edge case :slight_smile:

I understand the reason behind not been able to make the fight. But my big issue with this is if you have wbc belt and 1 of your gym mates is no 2 in ranking, then it’s going to be hard to make a fight.

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Oh okay could of sworn on previous version you used to be able to do this. Personally I prefer all fighters being able to fight each other.

Possible solution is to have an option to move fighters between gyms (maybe only if the gyms are of equal reputation).

Or offer a temporary stay in another gym while in training camp.

It does seem crazy having two fighters training in the same gym before they fight each other. But these ideas above would help solve that.

(There would still be an option for corruption/making a lot of money, if you can bet on your own fighters / fights).

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It would all be a bit silly as you would have the same coach in each corner. I think the change is good in terms of realism.

Though I also agree that perhaps fights between different gyms in the promotion be allowed. I mean Mayweather only ever have in fight promotions really. Though that’s a realism that’s not needed!

Moving gym is the solution we are looking at. It will mean a fighter moving trainer and possible disruption there in new relationships maybe :wink:

But looks the best solution as we can see that this fight needs to happen but not like this in the same gym.

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It is which is why we like the current rule. It’s fair, makes sense etc but also fights like these would probably happen in real life some how.
One of the difficult areas we have in coding the game is synthesising the roles of promoter, manager, matchmaker and (to a lesser extent) the trainer into a coherent believable, playable but wholly inaccurate (in terms of one role) blend of roles :slight_smile:
We will look at the move gym function.

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