Unifying heavyweights

If one fighter in the heavyweight division wins all the belts how will they break up again?

I’ve wondered this, as I’ve had the middleweight and welterweight titles all be unified and it’s just made the game like WTBM - no complaints as it’s still fun! But there’s no mechanism for the titles to broken up again!

Was going to post the same thing. Perhaps they need to allow players to retire while champions.

Yeah I think having an option to retire or for example a fighter Who’s 5#wbc 50#wba 50#ibf
He’s in top ten in only one of the titles if he got a title shot it should only be for the titles he’s top ten for

Or perhaps introduce mandatory challengers. If you don’t take the fight you lose the belt. This could work well behind the scenes where non player-controlled boxers could drop belts.

We’re on it…

The mechanism is in there but it’s not happening frequently enough seemingly or for the right set of conditions to happen with respect to the various number 1 ranking fighters in each organisation. Looking at this at the moment.


Apologies to those on here with this issue as well as some of the other weirdness we’ve seen this week with rankings and champs.

We think that the issues are all from the same source, the scheduling engine which contains a lot of game complexity and we’re looking closely at what’s causing these glitches.